Upcoming events

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The Maiden Voyage Events

Friday July 30th, 2010, from 6pm to 9pm. Click here for a map. Continue reading


Introducing Anonymous

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Who are we?

Anonymous is a loose collection of grassroots activists dedicated to exposing and raising public awareness of the Scientology organisation. All coordination usually takes place on internet forums and chatrooms; there is no leadership or organisational hierarchy. The men and women who participate rarely know each other’s real names, and are united only by their collective outrage at the Scientology organisation’s fraud and abuse.

What have we done?

On February 10th, 2008 Anonymous held its first worldwide picket against the Scientology organisation. Since that time Anonymous has leaked Scientology documents, held monthly protests spanning over 130 cities across 30 different countries and helped bring public attention to the cult’s activities.

Why protest Scientology?

There are many reasons to protest the Scientology organisation. You could protest because of Fair Game, a policy written by Scientology’s founder stating that SP’s (critics of the organisation) ”May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” You could protest because of their practice of Disconnection which has split up many families. You could protest because of the many strange deaths associated with Scientology. You could protest because of their attempts to infiltrate governments, their fraud, their deceptive recruiting techniques, their victims and their use of methods that are akin to brainwashing. You could protest for any of these reasons. But what led to Anonymous’ involvement was a little act of censorship as the following video explains:

How can I get involved?

First and foremost: educate yourself. The documentaries exposing Scientology on this page make a great place to start. You can also sign up to our forum where we will be happy to answer your questions. Anyone can participate in our monthly protests. If you do decide to protest, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask or otherwise conceal your identify in some way – the Scientologists will very likely try to photograph your face as they have at all our protests. We also encourage you to bring cake, flyers, placards and cake.

What does Scientology say?

According to Scientology press releases, internal leaks and Scientologist comments it appears that they think Anonymous is: A group of bored teenager cyber-terrorist Communist Nazi religiously bigoted Marcarbian mercenary psychiatrists who are funded by the German government, the Catholic church and the pharmaceutical industry.

Human Rights Activists Celebrate 2009’s Many Wins Against Scientology Cult

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As 2009 comes to a close, the Scientology organization is reeling from another year of high-level defections, criminal convictions, journalistic exposes and books detailing the cult’s criminal practices, and intense pressure from human rights activists. The Anonymous global network of human rights activists are keen to hold Scientology’s leaders accountable for their crimes, which include organized fraud, human trafficking, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and toxic waste dumping. Continue reading

3-day Cork ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’ Protest

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Cork schedule went live last night: http://www.mindbodyspirit.ie/editable_pages/cork_exhibitors.htm (looks a lot like September’s schedule right now, Scientology has Tables 1 and 47) Continue reading

Anonymous celebrates one year of protests

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Dublin, Ireland – The internet-based collective known as Anonymous will mark their one year anniversary of peaceful protests against the Church of Scientology this February with global protests spanning several weekends.

Anonymous has raised global public awareness of the Church of Scientology’s scams and scandals over the last twelve months. Continue reading

12 months in, Anonymous’ Project Chanology is still alive.

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DUBLIN, Ireland – January 17th 2009 – The collective known as Anonymous will stage its 12th monthly protest against the ‘Church’ of Scientology this Saturday.

This will complete a full year of internet-driven demonstrations stemming from Scientology’s attempts at censorship in January 2008. Following this shameful debacle, the “Project Chanology” movement was born. February 2008 then ushered in the start of an ongoing series of non-violent protests by the group ‘Anonymous’ at over 140 Scientology centres around the world on a monthly basis, including the Mission of Dublin Ltd on 62/63 Middle Abbey Street. Continue reading

Battletoad Earth – Operation: FairGameStop

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Operation FairGameStop

Source: Anonymous

‘Operation: FairGameStop’ — A Global Protest Against the Church of Scientology’s Suppression of Free Speech

DUBLIN, Ireland — 10/05/2008 11:00 AM GMT — This Saturday, the collective known as Anonymous launch ‘Operation: FairGameStop’, the fourth in a series of global protests against the Church of Scientology. From 11am (local time) onwards, thousands of Anonymous will take to the streets in peaceful protest at over 100 Church of Scientology centres around the world, including the Mission of Dublin Ltd on 62/63 Middle Abbey Street. Continue reading