Upcoming events

The Maiden Voyage Events

Friday July 30th, 2010, from 6pm to 9pm. Click here for a map.3 weekends in a row, at the Dublin mission.

7pm Friday July 23rd (so raiding from 6pm)
7pm Friday July 30th (so raiding from 6pm)
7pm Friday August 6th (so raiding from 6pm)

“THREE fully planetary briefings from TOP MANAGEMENT containing the most important news in Scientology expansion.”

“Mr. David Miscavige is master of ceremonies and briefs the leading Scientologists from all over the world on the past year’s accomplishments and plans for the coming year and beyond.”

“the yearly celebration of the maiden voyage of the Freewinds”

“vital Maiden Voyage video briefings on:

How New OT® VIIIs are impacting society and orgs to bring Ideal Orgs to reality.

The latest successes of those studying The Basics and Advanced Clinical Courses and the next stage of planetary clearing!

A view of LRH’s life never seen or heard before.

The latest on handling Third and Fourth Dynamic suppression and our next steps toward planetary salvation.”


There is going to be an incredible new release (obviously I can’t tell you what it is) coming out this Maiden Voyage that all Scientologists are going to be expected to take part in. You will get fully briefed by Chairman of the Board during the event, but I can tell you that it is going to be absolutely incredible and will change all Scientologists and the entire Scientology field forever! I want to make sure that you are prepared so that right after you are briefed at the event we can get you started. YOU HAVE TO BE HERE AT FLAG FOR THIS EVENT! Write me back, and I will see you on the night of the 2nd Night of MV ([August 1st])

Much Love

Karla Carballo
Lead Supervisor 1A”


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